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Antigua and Barbuda - Discover endless adventure at the shore

Antigua and Barbuda

Discover endless adventure at the shore.

Antigua Honeymoon Resorts - Your Dream Destination for Caribbean Romance and Unforgettable Getaways

Immerse Yourself in Romance at Antigua Honeymoon Resorts: Your Dream Destination for Caribbean Romance and Unforgettable Getaways


Escape the stress of wedding planning and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience at Sandals Grande Antigua, an enchanting adults-only resort that promises luxury, intimacy, and adventure. Bask in Antigua's 365 breathtaking beaches, perfect for sun-soaking and seaside bonding, while the island's renowned Sailing Week regatta and captivating coral reefs offer endless opportunities for sailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving (complimentary at Sandals Grande Antigua!). Don't just celebrate your love – elevate it with an unforgettable getaway at this Caribbean dream destination.

Sandals Grande Antigua, Antigua

Dickenson Bay, Antigua

Revel in the idyllic beauty of Sandals Grande Antigua, where the island's longest and most magnificent white-sand beach, Dickenson Bay, serves as your perfect playground. Embrace the refreshing trade winds as they caress your skin, and immerse yourself in the pristine, crystal-clear waters, tailor-made for exhilarating water sports. Don't miss the chance to experience the pinnacle of Caribbean luxury at Sandals Grande Antigua!

Experience Unmatched All-Inclusive Luxury at the World's Most Romantic Resort – Sandals Grande Antigua: Two Idyllic Antigua Escapes in One on the Stunning Dickenson Bay Beach


Rekindle your love at the acclaimed "World's Most Romantic Resort," Sandals Grande Antigua. Uncover two mesmerizing Antigua getaways in one, situated along the captivating Dickenson Bay beach. Let the gentle trade winds guide you into a palm-fringed beachfront sanctuary, where authentic Caribbean charm sets the scene for timeless romance. Elevate your love story with a touch of European opulence in the six-star Mediterranean Village, featuring all-suite elegance and refinement. Succumb to the ultimate romantic retreat at Sandals Grande Antigua, where unmatched all-inclusive luxury awaits.

Antigua's Amazing Natural Wonders

Discover Antigua's hidden Paradise! With 365 beaches on an island just 14 miles long & 11 miles wide, you're bound to find your own secluded piece of heaven. From famous Dickenson Bay at Sandals Antigua resort to the hundreds of serene coves, find your dream beach & bask in turquoise waters. Explore, savor, dig your toes in silky sand & create memories at your own special sun-soaked spot!

Caribbean Honeymoon Resorts - Antigua

English Harbour

Step back in time to the colonial era with a visit to the historic English Harbour. This stunningly restored hub is brimming with history, top-notch sights, delicious dining options, and, of course, the legendary Sunday night parties at the Lookout on Shirley Heights. Don't miss out on this rich piece of Antigua's past!

Which is the best all-inclusive resort in Antigua? Sandals Antigua

Antigua's Vibrant Present and Glorious History!

St. John, the capital city of Antigua, is full of life and bursting with a charming energy that showcases its colorful heritage. Take a stroll through history with a visit to the magnificent white towers of St. John's Cathedral, a baroque masterpiece originally built in 1683 and reconstructed in 1845. Or, pay homage to Admiral Lord Nelson at the historic English Harbour, home to his famous Georgian Dockyard. While Antigua's rich British Colonial past is evident everywhere, the bustling Farmers Market, held on the outskirts of town every Friday and Saturday, is a lively reminder of the island's modern Caribbean spirit.

Which is the best resort in Antigua? Sandals Antigua

Antigua Quick Facts

  • Population: 80,000

  • Language: English

  • Capital: St. John's

  • Electric: 110v

  • Climate: Tropical

  • Resorts: 1

  • From Miami: 2h 15min

Which is the best resort in Antigua? Sandals Antigua
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